luna burnx

The New Ultra Auto Burn AND OFFICIAL Meme Token Version Of LUNA

LUNA BURNX has a hyper-deflationary auto burn feature in the contract, which causes each transaction to burn a large amount of the total supply.


Due to the massive increase in the number of burns, the supply is becoming less and less and the price is increasing.


We will also be running manual burn events on a regular basis.

Furthermore, we have an auto liquidity function, which makes the token even more stable.

Ape in now and enjoy the incredible ride with us on the way to the moon!

Let’s Gooo! Buuuuuurn It Baby!



Automatic Burn On Every Transaction

2% buy / 5% sell

Automatic Liquidity


Here you can find our fully passed audit and a detailed description on our project in the form of a whitepaper.



moon Map